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Miller and Miller



Miller and Miller


  • A law firm specializing consumer chapter 7 bankruptcy. 
  • Free initial consultation
  • In-house bankruptcy documents preparation
  • Spanish language services
  • Multiple Midwest locations
  • Phone support
  • Attorney representation at creditor meeting
  • They handle any level of complexity from simple cases to the more complex filings.
  • One-stop shop for consumer bankruptcy filings.
  • They handle all the details from the documents to the means test calculations to guidance for the creditor meeting. All one needs is to just sign and file the documents
  • They also handle local Milwaukee bankruptcy alternatives.
  •  Includes all federal forms
  • Includes  the local district forms
  • Quick and friendly customer support


While this company has earned 4 stars, there are some minor negatives.

  • The do not provide transparent pricing on their web site. You need an in-person consultation to find out their price.
  • They serve a limited geographic area.
  • Limited debtor education materials on the site
  • They mention a number of topics such as student loan on their site but they do not say clearly what they can do for clients who have those issues.


Miller and Miller is a Milwaukee law firm specializing in bankruptcy and consumer credit repair. They have several locations in the area for easy access by the local community. It helps that they provide free consultation to potential clients.

They have a robust offering of consumer debt relief services as well as chapter 11 services for businesses. With their experience of many years, they are able to handle any sort of bankruptcy or debt related needs.

Because they are limited to certain location in one state, they ideally suited to the needs of debtors in their community but not for a nationwide audience.

If you live in the Milwaukee area, take advantage of their free initial consultation. 

Court filing fee

As with all debtors represented by lawyers, you have to pay the court filing fee. You need to be aware that the bankruptcy courts as a matter of policy do not waive their filing fee if you are represented by an attorney. The bankruptcy court's thinking is that is you can afford to hire a lawyer, you can afford to pay the court filing fee. This alone is an important consideration in deciding whether to handle the bankruptcy yourself or to hire an attorney.

Product and Services:

Miller and Miller services include:

  • Consumer bankruptcies
  • Business bankruptcies
  • Chapter 7
  • Chapter 13
  • Credit repair
  • And the Milwaukee-specific Chapter 128 Reorganization

Fees and Rates

This firm does not disclose their rates except by a private initial consultation. 

Sales and Advertising Transparency:

The Miller and Miller web site is big on marketing content and light on legal specifics. This is to be expected since they are a law firm and cannot have a one-size-fits-all policy.

Customer Service and technical Support:

Miller and Miller provides full email and phone support.

Negative Reviews and Complaints: 

There are no negative complaints we are aware of for this company. The only handicap they suffer is that of the industry as a whole which is lack of pricing transparency.

Positive Reviews and Testimonials: 

They have a good consumer rating in their local area.

Final Verdict: 

Like with all law firms, the veil of privacy obscures outsiders from getting the goods on them and the fact that they are lawyers will also tend to stifle complaints from past clients who would rather not ruffle their feathers. But this is not to say that there is anything untoward with this firm. As best as we can tell, they deserve consideration from debtors in their area who want an attorney for their bankruptcy.

Give them a try and afterwards, come back here and let us know what you learned.

Reader Comments

    M. Wagner 

    I do not know if I am the only one thinking this but why are they including lawyers in the reviews. I though that this is for those who cannot afford lawyers. What gives? I would like to see more bankruptcy preparers reviewed. I already know I cannot afford an attorney so why bother with a free consultation?

    RatingNot Rated
    Lisa - Review Editor 


    Point well taken! You see, not everyone out there is looking for a non-attorney solution. Some want to hire a lawyer and can afford it. We would like to add more bankruptcy lawyers to our reviews but we are hampered by the following. (1.) Past clients of lawyers generally do not talk for fear of getting sued. (2.) Lawyers we have contacted just want free advertizing, rather than a candid review of their practices, so they tend not to want to talk to us, (3.) Most bankruptcy lawyers cover on small geographic area so a review of their practice would be pointless for people in other parts of the country. We have included Miller and Miller because they have multiple locations and because we were once asked about them by someone in their area. If you want to recommend a lawyer with many locations nationwide, let us know. I hope that answers your question. 

    RatingNot Rated

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